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What page of the Bible is not the truest of guides for human life?
(Rule of St. Benedict)

Unless stated otherwise, all the files are in Bangla.

To view a file in a new window/tab, right-click a title or hold down the Control key while clicking a title, then select Open.
To download a file, right-click a title or hold down the Control key while clicking a title, then select Save.
To download ALL the files and to monitor revised/modified files, you are advised to make use of iScriptorium (see below).
Most of the titles (Jubilee Bible and titles at the bottom of this page) are also available as printed books: orders can be placed at NSCTC.

Jubilee Bible
This is the Bible translated from the original languages into Bangla by the monks of Sadhu Benedict Moth. The translation came to an end in 1998; as such, it is the first Bangla Bible containing also the so called ‘Deuterocanonical’ books. Since it was published by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Bangladesh in the Jubilee Year 2000, it is known as Jubilee Bible. The following files, in text, HTML, and PDF format, contain the text of the Bangla Bible with the latest corrections/modifications.

Jubilee Bible in text format
Downloading such files you agree NOT to modify the text of these files with the intent to distribute or print them as the original Jubilee Bible.
But you are welcome to copy/paste portions of them into your own documents, and distribute the original intact source files.
Text-files require Bangla Unicode Fonts (you may download Ashram font, below), and are available in .rtf and .docx formats:
   Download text-files in rtf format (less than 3 MB)
   Download text-files in docx format (less than 3 MB)
   Download Ashram font

Jubilee Bible in HTML format
Select a book:
If you wish, you may also download the JubileeBibleHTML file (4 KB), and after unzipping and opening it, if you are connected to Internet, view any book without accessing this particular page.

Jubilee Bible in PDF format
    Old Testament (Hebrew Bible ordering)
       Torah (Pentateuch)            
    Prophets (former)                
       Prophets (latter)                        Writings                                Deuterocanonicals

    New Testament
       Gospels                                       Letters of St Paul                 

Biblical Aids
    Appendix to the Jubilee Bible

iScriptorium is a freeware utility (English/Bangla interface) to help you monitor all the text- and audiovisual- files contained in this very page and in the Liturgy and Bible pages.
Files may be downloaded either as a set of files or one by one; and once downloaded they can be viewed through the application itself. iScriptorium is smart enough to understand when a given file has been revised/modified: in such case it will download it, otherwise it will skip it.
  •  Download  iScriptorium 3.1.7 for Macintosh (4.3 MB)  Windows (9.5 MB)

and the Word became flesh
Text and commentary (in PDF format) to the Gospel of John, addressed to those eager to explore the deepness of this remarkable writing.
    and the Word became flesh (1.3 MB)

You shall be my witnesses, by the power of the Spirit
Text and commentary (in PDF format) to the Acts of the Apostles, especially helpful to people engaded in pastoral work.
    You shall be my witnesses (656 KB)

God is Love
Text and verse by verse commentary (in PDF format) to the Letters of John, especially helpful to those who wish to study/meditate the deep christological, pneumatological and ecclesiological themes of the three letters.
    God is Love (571 KB)

Available in the Liturgy section.

Muratorian Fragment
Available in the Patristic section.

Available in the Liturgy section.

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