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The monks should have specified periods for manual labour
as well as for prayer and fruitful Bible-reading.

(Rule of St. Benedict)

(Pictures may be viewed also at a smaller size)

The monastery through pictures
  1. Entrance to the monastery
  2. The monastery - an outside view
  3. Prayer room
  4. Icon of the Angels of the Trinity (all the icons were painted by a monk of ours)
  5. Icon of the Virgin Mother of God
  6. Triptych (Nativity - Transfiguration - Resurrection)
  7. Icon of the Nativity
  8. Icon of the Transfiguration
  9. Icon of the Resurrection
  10. Library

Indoor Activities
  1. Prayer
  2. Study
  3. Cooking
  4. Feeding the cows
  5. Harrowing
  6. Wood cutting
  7. Free time
  8. Translation and printing room
  9. Some of the books translated and printed in the monastery
  10. Religious instruction

Outdoor Activities
The following pictures show something of what we have been able to do thanks to the finantial help of friends of the monastery, to whom we offer our sincere thanks, the beneficiaries’ gratitude, and, certainly, aboundant blessings from the good Lord.
  1. Rangpur: the college before our intervention
  2. Rangpur: the college - one of the new buildings
  3. Drawing non-polluted water
  4. Bathing in non-polluted water
  5. Dulali would like to become a doctor to cure the poor
  6. After a surgical operation for twisted-ankles, Ritika can even dance (*)
  7. Women emancipation
  8. Preparing relief-goods for flood-affected people
  9. Picnic with the children of a school
  10. Old people too get our attention

(*) You may see Ritika performing (first left) in the Dance of the Canary-birds, a video-clip downloadable from Educational commitment.

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